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If you are in Kyiv for a couple of days and want to get acquainted with this city — you are welcome to join our walking tour. It is the best way to discover Kyiv center and have a panoramic view of its most outstanding sights.

Дата: По запросу, в любой день


This two-hour walking tour from Interesting Kyiv might become your first step in a long-time relationship with our beautiful city. Our professional guide will for sure help you to fall in love with Kyiv!
You will see the majestic and ancient Golden Gate and then not less remarkable St. Sophia Cathedral. You’ll enjoy a short walk alone a picturesque street joining St. Sophia and the amazing St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery. You will see Afterwards we will go to the Old Kyiv Hill and see the ancient more than 500-year-old oak tree.

We will see a true Kyiv treasure — one of its most beautiful churches in baroque style — St. Andrew’s Church on top of a famous Kyiv street — Andrew’s Descend.

Our guide will show you numerous secret yards, cozy nooks, tell you funny stories from Kyiv past and present. You’ll see street-art and sculptures – all those things that make your old city forever young and charming. We are sure that you will enjoy this tour and embrace all the diversity of Kyiv!

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Price: 300 hrn, individually from 2300 hrn

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English

Beginning: we meet near the Monument to Princess Olga

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