Infinite Tales. Pandemic of Anger. Текст песни (lyrics)

There is no time
For wasting life
For useless shit
Just pass it by
Deserve the best
Or just enough
To satisfy

Your vital goals like him

There was a man who tried to live
On his own with no matter how
Fight with the greedy scum
When price does not matter

Against the everyone and all
Till last drop of blood will fall
Inside his mountain made of steel
No one forced to stand still

Steel cage is done
Few months were spent
With thoughts in mind
Just to revenge
To concentrate
To do the best
And check all welds
To be for sure

Map is hanging on the wall
Red marks as a penalty
Carefully drawn road of anger
Pictures are just stapled on
Targets are not accidental
Not to hurt an innocent
Peaceably ways are now helpless
Engine start will solve it all

Make the choice of (YOUR LIFE)
Let the truth spreads (HIGH AND LOW)

Bricks are counting one by one
The dust is flying through the town
The tank of dozer is full of pain
But there is some space to gain
Ignorance totally bulldozed
But hatch of living is now closed

His self interment is more
Than sacrifice himself in angry way

The unfair act
All you’ve done
Will then impact
With hundred tons
Of lead from guns

The silly man
Will turn to beast
And all he can
It’s just at least
Meet with his rage

(In memory of Marvin John Heemeyer)

Infinite Tales представил сингл Pandemic of Anger

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Pandemic of Anger

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